VISA Check (Debit) Cards

Looks like a credit card, works like a check! 

ANG Federal Credit Union's VISA Check Card offers a great way of paying for your purchases by check - without writing one. And it's much quicker. No need to bother with identification or wait for approvals. The purchase will be automatically be deducted from your checking account and listed on your monthly statement. 

Look For The VISA SymbolLook For The VISA Symbol

Your Check Card is accepted everywhere you see the VISA logo - around town or around the world. It's safer than carrying large amounts of cash. Your VISA Check Card can travel with you everywhere a VISA card is accepted.

Cash Access Around The World

Your credit union VISA Check Card also acts as your ATM card, offering you a quick, simple way to get cash, transfer money, or obtain checking balances 24 hours a day. A VISA Check Card, with the power of the VISA symbol is accepted at ATMs located locally and throughout the world.

So whether you're running errands, buying groceries, or gasoline, shopping for clothes or dining out, don't worry. Take the card that lets you pay without writing checks.

Stop Writing Checks...

Why not put the power of a VISA Check Card to work for you! For more details and an application (by mail), contact our member service department. Within a few weeks, you will receive you card in the mail. The VISA Check Card is just one more reason why it pays to be an ANG Federal Credit Union member.


Credit or Debit

When using your VISA Check Card to pay for transaction always make sure you push the Credit button. If you pay as a Credit Card this gives you fraud protection under VISA.



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