Fee Schedule

Effective March 8, 2013

Account Verification from a 3rd Party $15.00  
ACH origination          
To draft your loan payment   Free  
To transfer funds between accounts $5.00  
Address Correction          
Member Advice     Free  
Post Office Advice     $3.00  
Credit Union Search     $5.00  
ATM Charges (non-ANG supported)   $2.00  
Closed account fee < 1 year     $12.50  
Copy of a cleared Share Draft     $2.50  
Deposited Items Returned     $25.00  
Deposited Items Returned        
(From your account at another institution) $30.00  
Dormant Account Fee
(after one year monthly)
Electronic Services          
Audio Reponse    

No Charge   

Internet Access    

No Charge   

Bill Payer    

No Charge   

Faxed Items Per Page         
Local       $1.00  
Long Distance     $5.00  
Forced Placed Insuance Fee (add/remove)   $50.00  
History of Account       $1.00  
Insufficent Funds
(Share,Share Drafts & ACH Items)
IRA Fees    
Early withdrawal before 59 1/2 $25.00  
Late Payment on Loans
(10 day grace period)
5.00% of payment
Levies, Garnishments, or Subpoenas   $50.00  
Loan Processing Fee (all new loans)   $20.00  
Money Orders       $1.50  
Monthly Savings Withdrawals        
First 3 (three)     Free  
Each subsequent withdrawal   $1.00  
Mortage Fees          
Application     $100.00  
Origination     1.00%  
Satisfaction/Payoff Fee   $35.00  
Official Checks           
CU check made payable to member Free  
Cashier's Check (Member)   $3.00  
Cashier's Check (Non-member) $35.00  
Over Draft Loan (no monthly fee) 18.00%  
Over Draft to Savings (each transaction) $1.50  
Overnight Courier Fee per item $50.00  
Reconciliation of Share Draft Accounts $25.00  
Replacement for ATM/Debit or VISA Cards $5.00  
Replacement Pin for Debit/VISA Cards $6.00  
Research on Accounts (per hour)   $25.00  
(minimum charge for one hour)    
Safe Deposit Box Fees     $16.00 per year
        $28.00 per year
        $36.00 per year
        $60.00 per year
Service Center Access     Free  
Statement Copy       $2.50  
Stop Pay for Home Banking Items $50.00  
Stop Pay Items       $30.00  
Storage Fee per box for repossessed inventory $25.00  
Teller Assistance by phone     $1.00  
Unclaimed Property Discharge Fee $25.00  
VISA Card Fees          
Late payment fee (5 day grace period) $25.00  
Cash advance fee     None  
Annual Fee     None  
VISA Prepaid Card   $6.00  
Western Union       $25.00  
Wires In/Out          
Domestic        $30.00  
International      $50.00  




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