ANG Federal Credit Union offers a full range of loan programs to fit all of your borrowing needs. Your loan payments can be made by automatic account  deduction or coupon repayment.

Vehicle Loans

With our low interest rates and flexible terms, we can save you money on your next vehicle purchase. So before you go shopping for your new auto, motorcycle or RV,  apply online for a pre-approval. You will be treated with fast and friendly service from our loan department staff.

CarFax Vehicle History Report

Personal Loans

Personal loans are a cost-effective alternative to credit cards. Your Credit Union has a program to fit everyone's needs.

Personal loans are also an excellent product to help younger people establish a credit history. It is also a better alternative for people who have had difficulty with using credit cards in the past.

Whatever your personal needs may be, an ANG Federal Credit Union low interest personal loan may be a smart choice for you. You can even apply online!

Share Secured Loan

Share Secured Loans are an option for your financial needs. For example, if you have imperfect credit and needs to borrow money, or you want to get the lowest possible rate for a loan, a Share Secured Loan could be the solution for you! With a Share Secured Loan, you use your savings account as collateral. The rates are low and the terms are flexible - apply online now.

Home Equity Loans 

The equity you've built in your home can be a ready source of cash for whatever you're dreaming of...renovate the kitchen, put in a pool, pay for college tuition, take a fabulous vacation, or even consolidate high interest bills and save money on finance charges.

Put your home to work for you. A home equity loan from your credit union has many benefits, including:

  • LOW rates
  • Finance up to 80% of the value of your home
  • Tax deductible interest (see your tax advisor for details)

Turn your dreams into reality and apply online for a home equity loan today.

Boat Loans

Get ready to sail away. If you have been looking to get that special boat for your weekend getaways, ANG Federal Credit Union can help. Whether new or used, your Credit Union can finance your sunny dreams at an excellent rate. Complete an online application today to get started.

Farm Equipment Loans

Whether you want a new tractor or plow, you may finance it through us. We can finance up to 100% for for qualified members. Preview our loan rates, complete an online application today, and use your new equipment tomorrow.

For more information or to apply, stop by our office or give us a call.